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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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had i very, very generous with his support. ~ his it's been fabulous to get to know you over the years. i think it would be -- i would be remiss if i didn't actually talk about the sandwiches that are at rocksy market. and my legislative aide francis shea had written up for me some of the keys to ordering sandwiches at rocksy. it's best that you don't call in the order, that you actually spend a little time in the aisle, crammed in the aisle at rocksy market that way you get to meet the folk who are making your sandwich and you can rub elbows with the district 11 residents and mission terrace neighborhood. get the junior size unless you're training for an extreme food eating contest. it's enough to share. get the dutch crunch. you might think wheat bread is healthier or sour dough for san
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francisco, but the dutch crunch is the only way to have their sandwiches. everything at rocksy's is better toasted. so, peter, i want to thank you for your contributions to our neighborhood and your many years, almost 40 years of feeding us well for our lunches and our breaks in the neighborhood and our weekends and our parties that we've had. you've been a tremendous asset to the community and i want to -- look forward to many more years of buying your sandwiches and attending the events you sponsor like our 4th of july parade in the neighborhood. thank you, and i have a certificate. do you want to share a few words? >> i thank you for the commendation and i thank the board. and we've been 39 years in business and without our customers [speaker not
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understood] we like to give back to our community because -- excuse me. when we i am grate to this country, [speaker not understood]. we appreciate everything we have. (applause) (applause) stu, supervisor avalos.
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from district 11 now to district 10, supervisor cohen ~. >> thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce you to a fantastic restaurant in visitacion valley called "eat, drink, play." now, who wouldn't want to come to a place like this? so, today i'm pleased to honor eat drink play which is located at 28 leland avenue. i'd like to welcome ms. mana mahmoud and mohammed yosri, the owners of eat, drink, play. this restaurant has been an important part of the visitation business valley corridor since its opening up on leland avenue and it has really enlivened this corridor. it's brightened up the neighborhood. they've been active participants in a lot of our community organizing and neighborhood merchant events. everyone who visits the restaurant is treated like family. she is always there to greet her customers with a smile and they have amazing personal customer service. their menu is incredibly
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diverse and there is something on the menu for everyone. particularly a menu that represents the diversity of the visitacion valley neighborhood. my personal favorite is the currie and i'd like to give the owners an opportunity just to speak on the mic at this podium right here. welcome to the board of supervisors. it is a privilege to present this certificate to you for your outstanding contribute to the visitacion valley neighborhood. ~ ccurry take a couple minutes. >> thank you for being here. thanks to the board and malia's support. we love the community. we've been there for maybe not for so many years, but we developed a good relation because everybody is nice and warm and supporting us. and we love people and i believe hopefully we keep to continue serving the community and help for the coming years. thank you so much for everybody. >> thank you. (applause)
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>> thank you, supervisor cohen. why don't we go to district , supervisor campos. >> thank you very much, mr. president. this is one of my favorite recognitions simply because it just illustrates how incredible -- incredibly lucky we are here in san francisco, though it does make you very hungry as you hear about these incredible establishments. it is my honor to call upon danielle and troy reese who are
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the owners of queen's louisiana poor boy. i know they're here with their daughter torrey and torrey's mother patsy. there you are. it is my honor to recognize today this really fib credible establishment on san bruno avenue. ~ incredible if you haven't tried the food, you're really missing out. and i know that for me and my husband it's a tradition to eat their incredible turkey, their fried turkey, which is as delicious as turkey can be. but it is my honor on behalf of the board of supervisors today to congratulate queen louisiana poor boy cafe on being selected today a the district 9 honoree for restaurant appreciation month, october 2014. your delicious dishes such as authentic poor boys and
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vignettes, our favorite of many in the community has enriched our city with louisiana creole culture. thank you for your community leadership, including your support for local schools and your active involvement in blood mobile blood drives. we deeply appreciate your contributions to the portola neighborhood, to our entire city. and as your district supervisor, i am grateful not only for the amazing food you provide our community, but for the fact you are an integral part of our community and very involved in what happens in that community. so, it is my honor today to recognize you. >> thank you. i would like to express my gratitude for this certificate of honor. we are truly humbled and inspired. i would like to especially thank my family who made my dream a possibility. mr. and mrs. alexander reese who are residents, property owners, as well business owners in the portola for over 40 years.
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my husband and i truly stand upon your shoulders. you have passed on your knowledge and encouragement which has been the keys to our success. with you none of this would be possible. i would like to say special acknowledgment to supervisor campos and your staff for your support. i would also like to acknowledge [speaker not understood] portola neighborhood commission who has supported queens from the day it opened. we try to do our best to serve the community with warmth and louisiana hospitality. it is our goal to extend beyond the portola neighborhood and open a second location at pier 33-1/2 where we can carry out our goals of economic prosperity and community service. thank you. (applause)
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>> thank you. from district 9 to -- (applause) >> thank you. from district 9 to district 8. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. president. colleagues, today i'm very delight today honor a noe valley institution, fire fly. and it's just -- i know i'm sure some of you have been there before. it's terrific restaurant with over 20 years on 24th street. [speaker not understood] conceived the idea of opening their restaurant fire fly when broad was a frustrated chef and vivo what a frustrated artist and line cook.
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they wanted a restaurant where customers felt like they were at a friend's house for dinner. they had a first run through with family and friends on november 3rd, 1993. by 8:00 p.m. they ran out of food. they perfected the restaurant over a 15-year period and when viva left the restaurant to pursue other thing, brad said jennifer stepped in to run fire fly along with current staff. fire fly has become and has long been a best-sell treasure in the neighborhood of food and drink and terrific atmosphere. fire fly ha also been a tremendous supporter of our public schools. during the month of january, every tuesday, wednesday and thursday the same will be true coming up this january, you can tell your server which public school you'd like to donate 20% of your check to and that will happen. brad is also an active parent in the glenn park elementary school community and i just want to thank you and the
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restaurant and all of your staff for really making noe valley an even better place than it already is. so, congratulations, fire fly. >> thank you very much, mr. supervisor. (applause) >> i have my daughters here, [speaker not understood]. and my daughter essie who are students at glenn park elementary school and have been so for the last four years. we've gotten to see personally what great things the public schools can do for our community and for the children and we're just so happy to be a part of the public school system and see it getting better year after year here in san francisco. and hopefully these kid are a testament to what public education can do. i was a public school product as well. we're proud to have been in noe valley 20 years. we hope we have made a lot of people happy over that time. and we also like to think that we're just getting started. so, maybe we'll be back here in
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another 20 years to accept something else from you. [speaker not understood] glenn park elementary festivals. thank you. (applause) >> from district 8 -- (applause) >> thank you, supervisor wiener. from district 8 now to district 7, supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu.
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today we are honoring kay's kitchen in district 7 for restaurant appreciation month. i don't believe anybody is here representing them today. kay's kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants to visit with my family. i can walk there from my home. tucked away on monterey boulevard, yes, monterey boulevard, most people in my district if they want to go out to eat will go to west portal or perhaps ocean avenue or up in -- by dewey circle. but monterey [speaker not understood]. if you want to find a gem in san francisco, come to monterey boulevard and visit kay's kitchen. it is one of the very few japanese restaurants in the area, but it certainly delivers the taste and freshness that i had anywhere in san francisco.
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kay's kitchen is run by kim dang, an immigrant chef who wanted to start a smaller restaurant that brought inventive japanese cusine to the west side of san francisco. with the versatile selection of shahimi, nigari, one aptly named the monterey special, kay's kitchen offers excellent food while maintaining its local charm. while people may often overlook monterey boulevard as a destination, we actually have some other great restaurants on the same street. and we are fortunate that nkemdi sided to station kay's kitchen the last 7 years. kim is not here today because he's visiting his family in china this week, so, he is unable to accept this award today personally, but i will personally deliver this certificate to him during my
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next stop t kay's kitchen. thank you very much. (applause) >> supervisor kim. >> all right. well, we have a san francisco institution in the house, delancy street restaurant and the counterpart crossroads cafe. these restaurants actually don't need much of an introduction to this board of supervisors [speaker not understood] and may not have visited these restaurants yet,ly let you know a little bit about them. these special enterprise he are located in our neighborhood hub in south beach san francisco and has been there long before much of the development that we currently see today. in 1971 delancy street foundation began in the apartment at john ma her [speaker not understood] and
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cohort mimi. they created a new [speaker not understood] on the nonprofit model creating an extended family by bring residents in off the street and assigning role based on their talent. whoever could cook could become the head chef, whoever could swing a hammer would do repairs. [speaker not understood]. delancy street has grown into the country's leading self-help organization for former substance abusers, individuals with convictions on their record, homeless residents and other residents looking for a fresh start in life. and with sick [speaker not understood] located in new york, massachusetts, new mexico, north carolina, los angeles, and, of course, the san francisco headquarters, they currently have over 18,000 successful graduates of its workforce development and training program. we are here to honor the restaurant. delancy street restaurant and
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classic cafe are two delancy street's successful social enterprise ventures and they've p been providing delicious food since 1970s prices. you should check out the menu. it's unbelievable when you see the menu, for four decades. the president ceo likes to say that "just like the immigrants who came through ellis island to delancy street on new york's lower east side to the turn of the century to start new lives, newcomer to delancy street foundation are immigrants of all races, all age and all different types of background who come together in our community to find a second chance at life." and our office certainly believes in second chances and is a proud co- author of the fair chance act with supervisor cohen's office which requires san francisco ban the box and not look at the conviction record until they have interviewed you or made a conditional offer of employment.
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delancy street has been doing it already. the restaurant is one way the foundation earns its revenue and trains its residents in the fine art of hospitality, catering and culinary arts, an important industry here in san francisco. you need only to read the yelp and san francisco menu page to read the rave reviews of the complete package of this impeccable service. now, i.e. had mentioned its affordable menu. you almost ask -- you almost have to take a second look, but now when you're paying 5 to $8 for coffee in most of the cafes and hamburgers averaging 10 to $15 throughout the city, you can get an excellent black and chicken sandwich with [speaker not understood] for $5.95. $5.95. the tuna sandwich homemade is $7.95. i could keep reading their menu, but really, it's one of the few affordable places that
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still is around in san francisco yet provide fine dining experience for residents throughout san francisco and of course the bay area. sunny who is a legislative aide in our office wanted to make a point that her and her family san francisco native had a tradition of celebrating her birthday with her family after a giants game in the room of the delancy street restaurant -- at delancy street restaurant. and you also host our south beach rincon hill neighborhood association along with so many other neighborhood groups. crossroads cafe is also right around the corner and boasts one of the few dated passions of green space in the neighborhood. most days you'll see kid running through the yard while the parents bruin much and catch up with friends. the interior house he the cafe, art gallery, and wonderful local bookstore. the [speaker not understood] that ha held, though, the delancy street together for the last four decade is obviously the people. now, the magic ingredient is
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clearly mimi and her leadership. and i know she's part of that mix and i'm so sad that she wasn't able to make it today. but it is absolutely extraordinary group of motivated and compassionate visionaries that have allowed this to be such a successful place for our city. the residents and servers and the staff are amazing and when you go and eat there, you can tell how much they love the work that they do and how much they love to serve you. there is always someone standing out in front of delancy street in uniform smiling and welcoming guests to the restaurant. and recently when a dear friend passed away, the catering staff was able to organize kevin's service and reception and to honor the spirit and work ethic of this incredible man. while respecting the success of this organization, i am reminded how important it is to support the social enterprises like delancy street. just as mimi and her team had to fight back against prejudice and nimbiism [speaker not
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understood], we see similar projects continuing to fight back to make sure that this remains to be a city for people of all income background and of course all other backgrounds. s every neighborhood should have a delancy street. so, thank you so much today for continuing the fight that you're doing today, but also offering so many people a wonderful second chance. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor kim. we're just two residents here to represent a huge population of people, but we did want to just say here today that what's really amazing being residents that are there, working there, growing up there, we've literally become part of the neighborhood. and ed and i have watched kid literally grow up in the restaurant, in the cafe, coming to story time, coming with their family to the restaurant.
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now they're in junior high. but i think also to thank the neighborhood and the city of san francisco for continuing to support us in our businesses and being open to knowing that we are learning. and to watch our people grow and learn how to communicate and to serve and do a good job. these are all very important things to us. so, thank you very much. (applause) >> i don't consider myself a chef, but people call me chef every day. i want to thank mimi for teaching me how to cook and for saving my life. i should be in prison for the rest of the my life, but she taught me i was worth more and i could do whatever i wanted if i just put my head into it. and, so, i just want to thank her. (applause)
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>> thank you, supervisor kim. why don't we now go to district 5, supervisor breed. >> great, thank you. i want to invite up to the podium [speaker not understood] and her sister israel. (applause) >> the honors of sheba lounge in the fillmore. thank you all for coming here today. i just want to start by saying this is like sheba's lounge is my home away from home. i always feel when i walk in
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there that i'm home. i can relax. the staff, they're so amazing. the sisters, they're amazing. they make -- i thought they were only treating me that way and this is before i became a member of the board of supervisors. but i noticed that they treat every single customer that walks in the door the same. the folks who work in the area, they use sheba lounge as a hang out. they love the two sisters net and israel. they are so welcoming. they're so warm. they've allowed their venue to be used to host fund-raisers to host events, to do thing for the community. they're not just a restaurant in the fillmore. they are a major part of our fillmore family. they are major contributors to supporting the fillmore and they are what makes fillmore exactly what it should be for the community. they also have artists who perform on a regular basis. when you go in there almost any day of the week, there will be an artist, a local artist
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performing, a band rocking the place, someone playing piano, some incredible talented artists from all over our great city. and they truly believe in supporting our local arts community which is why this place is so special. live entertainment, incredible food with spices directly imported from ethiopia. you've got to stop by this place and try it. everything is fresh. everything is wonderful. and i've got to tell you, supervisor kim, yes, delancy street has 1970s prices, but sheba's lounge has 1985 prices. [laughter] >> the prices are incredibly reasonable and i love going there all the time, whether it's to host an event, whether it's to just relax and have a drink, whether it's to have net or israel make me an incredible mojito whenever they have mint leaves. these women not only can they cook, they can make the best drinks.
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[speaker not understood] have nothing on them. and israel once told me the reason why the disruption taste so good or what it you, net, is because they're cook. they know ingredients. they now how to put food together. because they're incredible cooks they know how to make good drinks because they know how to mix ingredients. you so you get a two for at a place like sheba lounge. i know i was supposed to say a whole bunch of things about the history, the fact you came here in 176. you opened your first restaurant in oakland. ~ 1976 and then we lured you to the fillmore in 2006. we truly appreciate everything that you've done to make the fillmore what it's supposed to be. the fillmore has had many challenges, as some of you know the history, with the challenges with the redevelopment agency, and we were lucky because not only did [speaker not understood] come to our neighborhoodv, but yoshi's and some incredible businesses that have continued to thrive.
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and unfortunately wasala's is not open, sheba lounge ha been strong and proud in our district and we're so grateful to have you here and we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for sticking in there with the fillmore, for hanging in there, for being the home away from home, for not just me, but many of the people who work at 1300 on fillmore, which is another great restaurant in our district. many of the staff who worked at yoshi's or continue to visit and frequent the neighborhood, this place is an incredible warm place and i appreciate all that you've done, not only to make your place incredible, but to make your place an incredible affordable place for the entire community. so, on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors, we commend you and we commend your continued commitment to the fillmore neighborhood. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor breed
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and the supervisors. i really thank you, supervisor breed. she's not only [speaker not understood] to give us this award. she's practicing by supporting her local business he. she's there always bringing her family and her friends ~. we really want to keep our promise to stay there providing free music, authentic ethiopian food and a gathering place for the community. thank you. (applause)
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>> from district 5 to district 4, supervisor tang. >> thank you. today i'm thrilled to present an award to a well loved restaurant that has been in existence over three decades, john's ocean beach cafe. as we can all imagine in the restaurant industry, john and his son tony are busy trunking the restaurant so they couldn't make it here today. so, i thought we could show you some photos of their delicious food. is sfgtv can go to the screen. the located at 4 37 slope, started by john in 1979. john was from israel originally where he was a tool and dime maker manufacturing tools in the process. after moving to san francisco in the early '60s with his family he couldn't find a job this his field because of language barrier and his
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immigration status. so, what he did instead was he worked for his brother-in-law at a grocery store and later opened up his own store called john's quality market on latin street in the outer sunset between 25th and 26th avenues. john soon introduced a variety of homemade sandwiches at his market. food was his passion. customers loved the sandwiches there. then he started helping out as a cook at the french restaurant across the street. i didn't realize we had a french restaurant in the sunset. the owner was a friend and would call john when he needed help in the can ivctionv everyone. all of these events led john to pursue his passion for great food and then open john's ocean beach cafe as seen on the screen. all of the food is made from drachma and purchased from the alemany's farmers market. the most popular dishes are the lois


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